Happy National Sandwich Day!

Happy National Sandwich Day!!!       Gatsby and Oliver is celebrating today with the Elvis (Pb, banana, and bacon.) What better way to enjoy the day then whipping up a sandwich for you and your pups to share together!!!!       The Elvis Ingredients 2 Slices of bread (white or whole wheat; unless your little furry kids are… Read more →


Happy National Bagel Day!

  Get your bakers dozen wherever your heart desires and sink your teeth into a nice toasty bagel! Whether you like cream cheese or butter for your bagel let yourself indulge in this perfect meal or snack anytime of the day and especially on National Bagel Day!     Of course if you want your pups to celebrate right along… Read more →


Oliver the Havanese

Hey lovely readers! I wanted to introduce Oliver (Ollie) our newest furry baby!     This has been in the works for quiet a long time whether we should get a buddy for Gatsby or be content being a one dog household. I believe we made a great decision in bringing in Ollie into the family. Gatsby has become a… Read more →


Friday Favorites

TGIF Readers! This week has been a whirlwind and I can’t believe it will be the weekend again! I was so extremely proud of myself for launching nomnombites this week and had the best puppy adventure day with Gatsby at Lake Geneva. Friday Favorites is a culmination of my weekly findings that I absolutely love.   Favorite thing that makes… Read more →


Adventuring in the Carolinas

North Carolina was not what I expected. On my flight there the beautiful mountains mesmerized me and took my breath away. I spent many days running around downtown Asheville taking in the small town feels. The days were slow and people took time out of their way to talk and get to know you. If your anything like me I… Read more →